Austin House Buyers: We Have The Best Buying Programs In The Business

Hey, it’s Jamie Boudreaux here, and I’m passionate about helping Austin area homeowners sell their home FAST…..Really FAST

Don’t like the hassle of dealing with real estate agents

– getting your house listed
– making repairs
– updating
– keeping your house spotless
– having to leave your house so strangers can walk through and think of ways to give you less money

We’ve got your back

Maybe you’ve got something more serious going on….

Behind On Payments….Bank Threatening Foreclosure.Even Bankruptcy…..We’re Here For You…And Are Eager To Help

  • Divorce
  • Probate
  • Loss of Job
  • Inherited a Piece of Property

We’ve seen it all and have the experience to walk you through it with kindness and expertise

We purchase dozens of houses every year from people in every situation imaginable….and we’ve been at it since 2008.  So..

We have a keen idea of what you may be going through…the stress….feeling of helplessness

There are likely dozens of companies in the Austin area specializing in buying homes and property from people in distress…
Fact… many of them are in it for a fast buck, and you and your fiscal ruin and financial devastation are the last things on their mind.

Getting you to take the lowest possible offer possible is their #1 goal…

Not Us…

We’ve pioneered an Industry Leading program to get you the Most Money possible… as fast as we can …

We can close as fast or as slow as you need.

Here’s the deal…chances are that if you’re on our website….someone close to you, or even you….has a piece of property here in the Austin area that’s sinking you into debt, or is about to…serious financial problems are on the horizon…

…and I wish we could have met on better terms…but

You’re In the Right Place…

So, may I offer a suggestion… Get in touch for a brief conversation and zero pressure.

We couldn’t have made it easier…..We’ve built & unintrusive form- right here on this page

Our phone number is right there at the top right of the page….

We can’t guarantee we’ll buy your property, but you have nothing to lose

You’ll figure out quickly….

  • We Genuinely want to be of service
  • We are caring professionals
  • We’ve got the answers you need and the correct next steps for you to take

We All Know….

The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked…

The most important thing is to start the process by reaching out.

Yes, We Buy Unattractive Houses In Austin Too!

Common sense tells us that- all things being equal- the better condition and the better your house looks will equal more money in your pocket and a faster sell. That’s isn’t always possible, and that’s where we come in. We Really don’t care what your house looks like or it’s state of disrepair. It’s all a matter of numbers, and we can price these things in accordingly. You may have an advantage you haven’t thought of, and we haven’t mentioned just yet. Location. Location is the number 1 factor in home pricing, and can overcome a lot of other faults. Whether your house is in Georgetown, Marble Falls, Cedar Park, Round Rock, or Pflugerville- we will help you. We invest in Austin, and we invest in Austin area real estate. Premier Austin House Buyers specialize in taking care of homeowners with “problem” properties- moving fast and closing with cash.

The Austin All Cash Home Buyers Process

  •  You reach me or a member of my team by calling us or by filling in our simple property information form
  • A Premier Austin team member quickly looks over your information and calls to introduce themselves and clarify any information
  • Your Premier Austin liaison will conduct an up to the minute market analysis and combines this with your specific information to form an offer
  • You are contacted within 48 hours (Usually sooner) with your custom cash offer
  • A mutually beneficial agreement is reached and a contract is signed
  • The signed contract is sent to our title company where they “open title” and search for liens, unpaid taxes, and verify ownership. *NO closing can happen if there are Title issues with the property. We will help you get them resolved

*As you can see, the process is very fast and as painless as we can make it. The typical transaction has cash in your hands in less than 2 weeks. A realtor will have barely had your house on the market at that point, with NO guarantee of a sale. So please, contact one of our representatives today where we buy houses Austin!

Sell House Fast Austin

Sell my house fast Austin is never a position you want to be in whether your home is completely updated and ready for market, you are falling behind on payments, your house is in disrepair, or you inherited a problem property. Good news for you is that we can help and we want to help. Premier Austin House Buyers does just that- we buy homes in the Austin and surrounding area. From Georgetown to Pflugerville, from Round Rock to Cedar Park to Marble Falls. We love the area and enjoy helping out families caught in difficult situations.

Austin home prices are at an all-time high, with the average home selling for $334,758- a 13% jump from a year ago. Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of the up-market. Your job is to get out of your current situation and stop losing money with your current real estate dilemma and get into a better house on your own terms.

Sell My House Austin: Factors To Consider

We’ve made the process of selling your home to us as simple, fast, and clear as possible. Find one of the forms on our site or call us and give us as much information on your Austin area home and your situation as you have. If’s important to err on the side of too much information vs. tool little. Below are a few factors we must consider in formulating your custom offer.

  • Property condition
  • Repair costs- estimated
  • Upgrades you’ve made or a prior owner has made
  • Upgrades we would need to make to bring your home up to ‘ready to sell’ condition
  • Your particular circumstances- how fast do you need us to buy your house {foreclosure, taxes, divorce, bankruptcy, other expenses, etc}
  • Comparable sales for your particular market area.

Every offer we make is custom, so the more accurate and complete the information you give, the more accurate we can make our offer. We know our services aren’t for everyone, and we can find this out fastest by you filling your information as described.