8 Marketing Tasks to Boost Your Realtor’s Efforts


Homeowners who enlist the services of a real estate agent sometimes expect that the realtor will do all the promotion work to get their house sold. Homeowners who instead partner with their realtors in the promotion effort may see a quicker house sale. Here are eight things you can do as a homeowner to help get out the word about your house for sale.

Help to Sell Your House Fast with These Promo Strategies

Advertise Locally

Take advantage of publicity opportunities in your local print newspaper or weekly circular. Put up home-printed notices on community center bulletin boards and in city libraries, coffee houses, donut shops, gas stations, convenience stores, college extensions, and supermarkets. In some of these venues, you might need to get approval before posting.

Send Out Postcards

Target residents of nicer apartment buildings around town with postcards that contain sale details of your home. Also send these postcards to local home buying companies. Print the postcards yourself or get them done at your local printer or order them online from photo/greeting card companies.

Post Signs Around Town

Mount signs on metal stakes in the ground around town. We’re talking about the type of signs you spot in medians at intersections or in grocery store parking lots: “We buy old cars,” or, “Open House,” or, “Car Wash,” with addresses or phone numbers and arrows. Do the same. You can usually get standard sign-size white plastic sheets at a printer or an office-supply store. Write just the basics on your sign, in very large black print that people can see as they drive past. Your signs may disappear eventually, thanks to code enforcement officers or store managers, but it might be worth it.

Use Your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page, use it unapologetically to promote your home sale. Post lots of pictures of your house of the same quality that your realtor is using on the MLS listing. Consider taking a video and posting that. Or use Facebook’s carousel/slideshow feature that puts your photos to music. Request that people share your post to expand your audience.

Post on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace will get the word out to more people than are on your news feed. Many local Marketplace groups form and you can often put real estate listings on these. Check the rules, though, because some groups don’t allow realty posts.

Advertise on Social Media

We’re talking about paid advertising. Create an ad to run on Facebook and Instagram. This ad will show to people who are in a certain geographic area, which you can define. They are not already your friends. In other words, this advertising lands in front of whatever Facebook-using audience you specify.

Build a Landing Page

A landing page is a mini website—just one page. Plenty of free drag-and-drop landing page services make it easy to create one for your home sale. Related costs of a domain name purchase and hosting are minimal.

Be a Name Dropper

If there’s good stuff in your house, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Name brand appliances? Windows? Fixtures? Say what they are and who made them. Drop the names of your interior designer or landscape planner or architect. If nothing else, they will add color to your information.

Alternatively, Let an Investor Buy Your House Quickly

Perhaps as you’ve read through this list, you’re having second thoughts about promotion, advertising, and selling your house the traditional way. Maybe it all seems like more work and effort than you can manage right now. Does a faster, easier route to a home sale sound appealing?

Consider changing tack and selling your home to an investor. Premier Austin House Buyers is a home buying company in Texas. We buy houses as-is in Texas and around the United States. Home selling becomes simple and easy because we do not require repairs to be made or inspections done. Once we receive an offer request, we can return an offer within 24 hours.

The process from offer to closing is swift and uncomplicated. Our ten years in the industry plus $26 million of real estate purchases speaks to our experience and longevity. You can expect fair and professional treatment from Premier Austin House Buyers. Contact us today with questions or an offer request.

Or use our marketing tips above to promote the sale of your home and complete the process with your realtor.

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