First Things First: Know Home-Selling Hurdles


Selling a house can be a months-long process that tests the mettle of even the most resilient home-owner. Entering this process with knowledge of the hurdles that lie ahead makes a difference, however. A prepared homeowner can reduce the impact of the challenges and even circumvent some of them.

In this article we cover common challenges that accompany the home-selling process, including locating the best realtor, prepping the house to go on the market, figuring out a strategic asking price, and dealing with inspections.

First, we will quickly look at a selling strategy that avoids most home-selling hurdles and hassles.

Selling a Home to an Investor

This option avoids almost all the usual challenges that accompany selling a home. Premier Austin House Buyers is an example of a home-buying investor that makes the sales process fast and easy. We buy houses in Austin TX as well as around the state and the country. To learn more about how to sell your house fast Austin property owners be sure to read the information at the end of this article.

Be Prepared: Know the Challenges Ahead

The Search for a Good Realtor

If you don’t already know a great realtor, you’ll have to find one. This is the first important step toward a successful property sale. Visit the Texas Realtors website for tips on finding a realtor that has the credentials you need for your particular type of property. Remember, this person should know your local market.

Prepping Your Home for Sale

Your realtor will give guidance regarding areas of the home or property that need attention in order to attract the most buyers. Being clean and tidy is a basic prerequisite. Beyond that, you may need to repaint, re-do landscaping, replace carpeting, fix rotten woodwork, etc.

Setting a Price

Deciding on the asking price for your property must be done with knowledge of the current local market. Your realtor will run comps so you can see what other similar properties have sold for recently. Knowing where to set the price can be tricky. Avoid the mistake of pricing your property too high.

Maintaining That Show Look

This home-selling challenge affects everyone in the household. Keeping a home or property looking its best all the time—ready for potential buyers to drop by for a look—becomes quite tiresome even for the most laid-back homeowner. Making beds, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming floors, and de-cluttering countertops are part of the effort in maintaining a home’s show look.

Passing Inspections

Inspections come with the territory when selling a home through usual channels. Buyer offers are typically contingent on inspections of home systems. Concern that inspection results may lead to expensive repairs gives most homeowners stress throughout the selling process.

Getting a Good Appraisal

Banks issuing loans for buyers require appraisals. These assessments confirm to the bank that the home being sold has its stated value. If an appraisal comes back too far below the asking price, a deal may fall through. This potential puts homeowners on tenterhooks as they wait.

Closing Table Surprises

Even when all seems to be in order for a sale, sometimes things go awry at the last minute. Closing day surprises are always a fear for homeowners.

An Easier Way to Sell

The home-selling challenges listed above occur for most homeowners who pursue the traditional route to a sale. As promised above, we now look again at an easier way to sell a home: through an investor.

Quick and Fair

Austin home buyers and investors make the home sale process easy and trouble-free. Premier Austin House Buyers gives property owners an offer within 24 hours. We buy houses as they are with no need for repairs or appraisals. We do not apply pressure; homeowners may take their time in responding to our offer.

Our track record of ten years and $24 million of sales demonstrates our commitment to solid business practices and contribution to the marketplace.

Austin homeowner, would you like to sell your property quickly and easily? The National Association of Realtors recommends working with local investors. Avoid home-sale hurdles by calling Premier Austin House Buyers today.

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