Prepare Your Home for Sale in 7 Steps


Planning to list your home? Below are seven simple steps you can take to prepare your home for sale, even before reaching out to a real estate agent. Then when you’ve found the right realtor, you will already have gotten the ball rolling and will be one step closer to the sale of your home.

Sell Fast and Avoid the Hassle

For the homeowner who isn’t interested in the traditional sales process or the one who needs to get out from under a house quickly, there is another option. Home buying companies like We Buy Houses Austin cut out all the prep work, buying houses as-is. For more on this, read the additional information at the end of the article.


For tips on preparing a house to sell, read the seven steps below.

7 Steps to Prepare for Selling

Deep-clean the home.

This will be more than your normal weekly clean; the point is to restore your house to the best condition possible. It’s washing the walls, scrubbing the bathroom tile, dusting cabinet tops, and cleaning the carpet. Inside and out, find the dirt, grime, and dust that have built up over the years. Clean homes make the best first impressions.

Complete minor repairs.

Small fixes really do make a difference. They keep the attention off of loose toilet seats, missing slats in the window blinds, or jiggly doorknobs, and allow buyers to focus on the best qualities of your home.

Remove the clutter.

While this does include clearing off kitchen counters, there’s much more to it. Homeowners who have lived in the same house for years often collect countless knickknacks and decorative items. Be very firm with yourself about packing these away, and allow the space in your home to speak for itself. Even appropriate decorations can be overbearing if there is too much going on at once; paring down a collection on display allows a single piece to shine without being distracting.

Refresh the landscaping.

Paring down outside is also a great way to tidy up a property. Overgrown shrubs and low-hanging trees present a sloppy appearance and restrict the amount of light and space around a home. Take an afternoon to trim hedges and lift tree canopies. While you’re outside, weed the garden (with spray or by hand) and position some bright flowers in a place that will draw in the buyer.

Paint over loud walls.

A bright red accent wall may have matched your décor beautifully, but potential buyers may not care for it. Repainting in a neutral tone will give the home broader appeal.

Think about odor.

Have you ever visited a home with a very distinct smell? As the homeowner, it’s more difficult to identify a smell in your own house, but good or bad, it’s best to eliminate it. Ask an honest friend if your house smells. If it does, deep clean until it’s gone. Air fresheners will help mask smells, but only cleaning will permanently remove them. When buyers come for a showing, keep pets and litterboxes away.

Brighten up inside.

Buyers love homes with lots of light. Open up the house and turn on lamps and lights during showings.

Selling to an Investor Instead

If, after reviewing the seven steps above, selling your home feels like more than you can handle, you might consider selling to an investor. We Buy Houses Austin is a home buying company that has made selling homes quick and easy for ten years in Texas and other parts of the country.


To sell quickly, reach out to We Buy Houses Austin today. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and $26 million of homes purchased to date, we have an excellent record.

We return all requests for an offer within 24 hours, but without any pressure to respond. Take your time considering our offer and respond when you’re ready.

Looking for a simple, straightforward sale? Contact We Buy Houses Austin.

Still, want to sell your house the traditional way? Follow our seven steps for preparing your home for sale, be ready when you bring a real estate agent on board, and impress buyers with your home.

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